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So it's a new year, blah blah.. And sometime in December I said I was going to make some changes and have a new request policy (this doesn't apply to anyone who has ALREADY sent me a new request)., new year, new changes..

This is really important because I need all of you to read this in it's entirety because I have some important things to go over that are of interest to a lot of people. Because of popular demand, I'm implementing new ideas that I have. I think the time has come that I start to market myself. When I 1st joined here, some of you have seen my pics from before, and you know how I was as a person, and you've seen my pics now, and how much I've come out of my shell. When I joined, I practiced modeling poses for about 3yrs before and while I joined DA, and I've come a long way from then and now. Sure there's a lot of improving I can do, but the fact of the matter is, I've been getting a lot better with modeling and venturing out with doing shoots. During the summer I'm starting my traveling (not to far away places as I'd like lol), I have to go to MI (magazine shoot), CT (fetish shoot), and MD (fetish shoot), I'm not sure if I'll be able to book anymore shoots when I go to those places, but I might be able to hopefully. I want to start marketing myself. So far, I've gotten good feedback about marketing myself and I'm happy some of you support me on that, and I look forward to making new friends, having more people to work with (there are 2 of you that I need to msg about, for finally setting up a shoot), and gaining more exposure for myself.

Things to consider:

1. I need to figure out the determining interest of people that want to purchase used socks of mine. I will wear them depending on how long you personally want me to, vacuum seal them shut, and ship it off to you. Originally I was going to sell them for $5 a pair, but I received some great advice from 2 photogs I've worked with who know much about selling to fetishists, and they suggested that I sell my socks for $15, shipping and handling included. I have Paypal so purchase payments should be pretty easy. I'm going to take pics of socks I want to sell, whoever comments on a pair they want, will get the pair 1st...1st comment, 1st served. I'll be using another site to sell socks, but that'll have different socks on there, but for the same price. Pantyhose will be sold for $25, your personal choice of design/color. I'll post a link once I set up a 'for sale' site.

2. Now onto something a little juicy...literally. Aside from selling socks, I'll also be selling used panties of my own (girls are nasty lol). Simply put, if you're interested in making a purchase, SEND A NOTE of what kind of panties you want: style, color, and design. If you want a specific brand please let me know. I'm not able to set a price for my panties so send me a note, and we'll figure things out. I already know not to smoke any cigs (messes with the aroma), and my bf is totally on board with me on this and approved for me to do this, he might purchase a couple from me ^_^

3. Ok so now I want to discuss something even more important: requests in general. I'm sure a lot of you know I'm not that consistent and fast with requests, and I do get a lot almost on a daily basis. So at this time, I am no longer accepting requests for pics or vids until the ones I already have are done, then I'll accept new requests, and there might be some changes with doing requests, kind of like but I'm not really sure how it's going to work out yet.

4. I don't think this really applies here (more like for youtube and clips4sale). Doing vids are a lot of fun to me and I enjoy doing them. To continue to market myself, I'm charging for vid requests. Public/private vids (ONLY for feet, no nudes!!!) will be charged according to length of vid, $1 per minute, 5 minutes minimum, and that does include challenge requests as well: the duct tape challenge (get free within certain amount of minutes). I'm also going to look into hosting live cam shows, but I need to look into that that further before I decide if I am or not, and also depends on if many ppl would be interested in it.

5. As an alternative, I'm setting up an Amazon list which will include items for modeling: fetish gear, props, clothes, shoes, as well as art supplies, and misc items (like books). If you prefer to get something from my list on Amazon as an alternate payment for your order, please let me know. All payments will be made before I fulfill your request order (I'll send you a msg letting you know when I'm going to do your request, it's your job to make sure that before I do your request, payment has been made, and proof of payment is sent to me), just send me a note for more details. As another alternative, I'll also accept points (donation)/membership for DA.

6. I'm going to get myself a PO BOX so in case anyone wants to gift me anything like socks or panties, or even ball gags lol, you may now do so, just use regular mail, I'm sure you don't need to UPS it, otherwise, msg me.

Ok so that's it for now, I'm brainstorming on some other ideas I have, but I'll leave them out for now cause I don't have enough details on them at the moment.

I'm going to be away for a couple days, I have a lot of work to do, pics/vids to take, and poems to write and post up. I also have to make a vid of my new policies for youtubers, but let everything sink in, and I'll have new pics this weekend, as well as vids :)
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